You can now allow multiple team members to use your organization's QuickEmailVerification account, using the Team Account feature. It creates a shared and highly flexible platform that can be accessed across your organization to improve email data hygiene.

Based on the permissions granted by the account Owner and Admins, a Team Account allows you to share credits, access team members’ stored lists, monitor account usage and data, and access APIs and apps created by team users.

By default, when creating a Team Account, your individual QuickEmailVerification account will be converted to a Team Account with you as the Owner. Each Team Account may have only one Owner. The remaining members of your team can have one of the three roles: Admin, Developer or User. The verification credits of Owner will be shared by all team members of Team Account.

The below table shows role-wise activity team members can perform using a Team Account.

Verification Activity
    Single email verificationYesYesYesYes
    Bulk email verificationYesYesYesYes
    Download results (for all jobs)YesYesNoNo
    Download results (for own jobs)YesYesYesYes
    Account usage (all user accounts)YesYesNoNo
    Account usage (own account)YesYesYesYes
API/Apps and Integrations
    Email verification using APIYesYesYesNo
    Email verification using JS appsYesYesYesNo
    ESP integrationsYesYesYesYes
Account settings
    Profile settingsYesYesYesYes
    Low credit notificationYesNoNoNo
    Job completion notificationYesYesYesYes
Manage Team
    Manage team membersYesYesNoNo
    Manage purchase, invoicesYesNoNoNo
    Request to delete accountYesNoNoNo
    Remove usersYesYesNoNo

Create/Manage Team Account

To create a Team Account, go to the Profile Settings page and click on the Team Account tab. Then click on the Invite new team member button. You will need to specify the email address and role of the team member you want to add in your Team Account. Once you invite any member in your QuickEmailVerification team, you become the Owner of your team.

Create Team

Once your team is created you can add more team members to it and change team member’s role as per the requirements of your organization.

After you have invited a team member to join your Team Account, the invitee will receive an invitation mail to join your QuickEmailVerification Team Account. In order to join your QuickEmailVerification Team Account, the invitee needs to follow the invitation link.

Removing a Team Member

As a team Owner or team Admin, you can remove team members from your Team Account. To remove a team member, go to the Profile Settings page, then click on the Team Account tab. Click on the Remove icon of the team member you want to remove from your Team Account.

Remove Team Member

Please note that if you remove a team member from your QuickEmailVerification team, it will automatically delete API keys and apps created by the team member.

After you click on the Remove button, it will ask for confirmation. Once you confirm the action, the team member will be removed from your QuickEmailVerification team.

Purchasing verification credits

Only the team Owner can purchase verification credits for the team. Other team members individually cannot purchase verification credits for the Team Account or their own account.

Verification Activity

Once team members of your QuickEmailVerification Team Account start verification, you, as a team Owner or Admin, can monitor all team users’ verification activity.

  • You can see their uploaded files from the Email Verification tab.

Verification Activity

  • You can monitor verification activities of all team members from the Dashboard.

Verification Statistics

That's it!

You can see that with these simple steps, you can start managing your Team Account. Email verification will clean your organization's email data and improve the ROI of your organization.

In case you need help, feel free to write to us at and we'll happily assist you!