For the subscriber lists imported from MailChimp, CampaignMonitor, Emma, AWeber, GetResponse, VerticalResponse, ConstantContact, Act-On, Drip, Sendgrid, Sendloop, MailerLite or SparkPost, once verification process completes, your original ESP subscriber list should be updated based on the verification result to drop off unreachable email contacts.

Updating your subscriber list by exporting result back to your ESP will unsubscribe selected members from the list and you would no longer be able to send emails to those members. Generally, unsubscribed emails then can be found under the "Unsubscribed" section of that subscriber list or under the common suppression list of your ESP account.

If you are a VerticalResponse, Sendloop or MailerLite, QuickEmailVerification will create a new list with the valid email contacts and the original list will be kept unchanged. In case of export of Act-On list, we will create a new suppression list of bad emails and original list will be intact. User then can perform action on those bad emails from their Act-On account.

Export result to ESP

If the subscriber list is imported from ESP, after successful verification, result can be exported and the subscriber list can be updated in ESP account by clicking the "Update ESP List" in the download option list.

Update ESP List Option

Here you will find the "Update List" option for your ESP. Click the option and a new window will be opened like below.

Update ESP List Option

Select the email contacts you want to unsubscribe from your list. By default, only "Invalid" emails will be unsubscribed. "Unknown" emails should not be selected unless you are sure to unsubscribe them from your list

Click "Update" and QuickEmailVerification will send information to your ESP to unsubscribe selected members from the list. You can find unsubscribed members under the "Unsubscribed" or "Suppressed" section of the list in your ESP account.