Either you are searching for a tool to help in building a clean and quality contact list or you are passing through the difficulties to keep your email reputations good due to high bounce rates, QuickEmailVerifiation API is right choice for you.

To create a good user base, one should verify email addresses right at the entry time. High quality and reachable email address creates a good lead. QuickEmailVerification provides an email verification API that you can integrate into your own setup to validate email addresses without any programming skill required.

Benefits of verifying emails in real time

  • Protect your sender reputation - Preventing bad emails to enter into your database at the first place, will reduce future hard bounces and gain you a best deliverability.

  • More open rates - With strong sender reputation and high deliverability, you are earning high open rates and better response rates.

  • Maximize business performance - High open rates and better response rates from your contacts and prospects creates better business opportunities and helps you to achieve your business goals.

  • Optimizing a campaign cost - Eliminate incorrect, bad and unreachable contacts and be assured you are spending resources to target the best audience of your campaign that ultimately benefits your campaign costs and gains a high return on investment

Use cases for email verification in real time

Following are a few of typical use cases that describes a situation where QuickEmailVerification can help you enhance your motive.

Registration forms

Often users makes mistakes when they enter email addresses for registrations. Verifying such emails instantly using QuickEmailVerification API allows your users to fix their errors and enter a correct email. Also, you can reject registration for invalid or disposable email addresses.

Subscription forms

If you have a form on your blogs or sites where user can subscribe for your newsletters, event notifications or product launch emails, integrate QuickEmailVerifiacation API to accept only valid emails.

Online shopping sites

Verify email addresses entered in the purchase or billing information and be assured user is getting every transaction email right into his inbox to get aware with the latest status of his transaction.