At QuickEmailVerification we take great pride in promising the highest accuracy in list cleaning and remain fully committed to providing you a cleaner, more deliverable mailing list. We guarantee that after you use our service, no more than 3% of your emails will hard-bounce.

Under our deliverability guarantee, if your hard-bounce rate exceeds 3%, we promise to refund our paying customers on a pro-rata basis.

In order to meet this guarantee and be eligible to apply for a refund, you are required to meet the following criteria:

  • The email addresses should be from a single list of at least 1,000 unique email addresses
  • The email addresses should have been verified and classified by our email verification service as SafeToSend
  • The email addresses should have been used within 72 hours of verification
  • The email addresses should have been collected by opt-in process only and must not have been purchased
  • Emails that bounced should have been classified as hard bounce resulting from invalid email addresses
  • The mailing list and verification practice must be in compliance with our Anti-Spam policy
  • Bounces that do not qualify for the deliverability guarantee include, but are not limited to, spam content, blacklisted IPs or domains, technical Issues, invalid mail server configuration, throttling, poor sender reputation etc.

If you believe we have not lived up to our guarantee, present your case for consideration of refund by writing from your registered email address to us at within 30-days of the discrepancy.

Please make sure your request includes:

  • The name of your mailing list that you processed through our email verification service
  • The date and time you sent emails to the said addresses
  • Details of the categories of email addresses you sent emails to (SafeToSend, Accept-all, Disposable, etc.)
  • An export of your full mailing containing all emails you sent to with their bounce responses and actual SMTP codes
  • Any other relevant details you think will help us attend to your request faster.

We take our deliverability guarantee very seriously and always strive to offer the highest accuracy possible to our clients.