By default, the installation code snippet for QuickEmailVerification Javascript Widget includes minimum required settings which is just a public key. In most situations, this basic installation will be sufficient. But if you need some changes in the look and feel of the widget or need to change the default behavior, you can do it by changing the Widget settings. Below is a list of configuration settings available with QuickEmailVerification JavaScript Widget.

Name Type Required Default Value Description
pubKey string Required null It is a public key generated by QuickEmailVerification JavaScript Widget. Please note that widget public key is different from the normal API key. API key should never be used here
typoDetect boolean Optional true Enable typo detection and suggestions. When enabled it will detect possible typos and provide closest suggestion
successMsg string Optional Email is valid A success message to be shown when the user's email address is valid and acceptable. By default, the message is 'Email is valid
failureMsg string Optional Email is invalid An error message to be shown to user when the provided email address is invalid. By default, the message is 'Email is invalid
requestTimeout number Optional 60 This value indicates the number of seconds a request is allowed to execute. After this time duration, the widget will consider the request is timed out and the result of verification will be unknown
autoRegisterFields boolean Optional true By default the widget detect all input fields which contains name="email" or type="email" or data-qev-email-field attribute. Turning OFF this setting will stop auto detecting the fields and it will require explicit binding of fields for the email verification. Please refer Properties and Methods section to learn more about how to add email verification listeners to input field
showResultBox boolean Optional true When enabled the widget will show a popup box notifying the user about the result of email verification. If you do not want to show a popup to the user, turn OFF this setting
rejectUnknown boolean Optional false By default the widget will allow email addresses having unknown result (which indicates, email result could not be determined within a given time), but if you wish not to accept such email addresses, you can set this setting to true
rejectAcceptAll boolean Optional false By default the widget will allow email addresses having Accept All domain. Turn ON this setting if you do not want to allow Accept All email addresses
rejectRoleAddress boolean Optional false By default the widget will allow Role email addresses. If you are sending marketing emails in bulk to a large audience you may wish to turn OFF this setting
rejectDEA boolean Optional true Registration from disposable email addresses(DEA) should be discouraged and by default, the widget will not accept such email addresses
rejectFreeService boolean Optional false By default email addresses from free email service providers like Gmail, Yahoo!, AOL, etc. are acceptable but if you want to keep your registration limited to business domains, you may turn this setting on
showPoweredBy boolean Optional true Turn ON or OFF the display of QuickEmailVerification brand logo ON the widget popup box

Here is the sample of QuickEmailVerification JavaScript widget configuration having all options with the default value.

    QuickEmailVerification = {
		pubKey: "d7cc39g74c85b31646f293b8f8f437",
		typoDetect: true,
		successMsg: "Email is valid",
		failureMsg: "Email is invalid",
		requestTimeout: 60,
		autoRegisterFields: true,
		showResultBox: true,
		rejectUnknown: false,
		rejectAcceptAll: false,
		rejectRoleAddress: false,
		rejectDEA: true,
		rejectFreeService: false,
		showPoweredBy: true,
<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>