Iterable Integration

Getting Started

You can integrate your QuickEmailVerification account with Iterable through an easy process. This integration will help you clean your email list and achieve higher email deliverability.

All you need to get started is,

  • Your account credentials of QuickEmailVerification
  • Your Iterable API key

In case you haven't signed up for QuickEmailVerification, you can Signup and create an account right away. Along with the account, you will get daily 100 credits daily in the free tier for email verification.

Once you are ready with your account credentials of QuickEmailVerification and Iterable, you can start the integration process.

Connect with Iterable

To Integrate Iterable with QuickEmailVerification, you'll need to login into your QuickEmailVerification account. Once you login you'll see Upload Email List button.

Upload email list

The next screen will present you two options. Click Import From ESP as you want to import list from ESP.

  • Upload From Computer
  • Import From ESP

The next screen will show you all the integrations of QuickEmailVerification. Since you wish to verify your list available in Iterable, click Import From Iterable.

Import From ESP

To connect with your Iterable account, you'll be prompted to enter your Iterable API key. Enter the appropriate key.

Connect with Iterable

We respect your privacy. Your Iterable API Key is used only to communicate with your Iterable account. The credentials are not stored anywhere by QuickEmailVerification.

Import List from Iterable

After successful login to Iterable account, you'll see a screen containing lists into a drop-down menu which are available in your Iterable account. Select the list you want to verify and click Import.

Import List from Iterable

When you click Import, your list gets ready for verification.

You just need to click Start and the verification process will begin. It may take upto a few minutes, depending upon the size of your list.

Start verification

Feel free to logout and carry out other activities once the start button is clicked. Logging out will not interrupt the verification process.

Update Iterable List

When your list is verified, you will receive an email stating your list is cleaned. With this, the list is ready for the next step. In case you had logged out, just log in again for the next step. Beside your imported list, you'll see a Download button.

Update Iterable List

After you click on that button, you'll see a modal box. You may either download your verified list or update it into your Iterable account. At the bottom of modal box you'll see the option Update Iterable List. click on that button.

Update Iterable list Modal

This stage is important. Here you decide which email addresses you would like to remove from your list. On the next screen you'll also see a number of checkboxes, some of which are default-checked.

Please note that email addresses associated with every box that is checked will be removed from your list.

In other words, email addresses grouped under each of the checkbox that is checked will no longer receive emails for this list of your Iterable account.

Options to Update Iterable List

After you click Update, you'll be asked to confirm your action. Click Yes Proceed.

Confirm Update Iterable List

When your list is updated, you'll receive an email informing you about it.

That's it!

Congratulations! You've completed the integration process. In a few steps you got a cleaned list that helps you increase your deliverability rate with practically zero bounces.

The process is extremely easy. However, if you have any query regarding this integration, please do not hesitate to contact us on We will be right there to help you!