QuickEmailVerification fully understands how important email deliverability is for you.

We adopt best practices for email verification to offer our customers the best possible accuracy in the industry. At QuickEmailVerification we remain fully committed to not less than 95% deliverability after verification. In other words, we guarantee at least 95% of emails will be successfully delivered and bounced emails will not exceed 5% of the total emails you attempted to send to SafeToSend email addresses.

If for some reason, the bounces of SafeToSend emails exceed 5%, we, at QuickEmailVerification, will refund to paying customers on a pro-rata basis.

In order to qualify for our guarantee, the following criteria must be met.

  • The mailing list must have at least 100 unique email addresses which were verified, within 24 hours prior to sending, with QuickEmailVerification.com.
  • The email addresses that reported bounces must have been classified as SafeToSend by QuickEmailVerification during the verification process.
  • Bounces resulting from technical issues, sender reputation being poor, recipient server reaching maximum receiving capacity, mail server being improperly configured, server not being available, or recipient having specifically banned the sender's email identity, etc. won't qualify for this guarantee.
  • Emails that bounced must be because of invalid email addresses to qualify for this guarantee.
  • Email addresses must have been acquired by Opt-in process only. Email addresses acquired by purchased or rented lists are not covered under this guarantee.
  • The mailing list and verification practice must be in compliance with our Anti-Spam policy.

To present your case for consideration of refund, please write, with all relevant details, to support@quickemailverification.com within 30 days of bounce.

We assure you of our priority attention!